Southwest Florida Winter Fishing Guide

Southwest Florida Winter Fishing Guide

Welcome back, snowbirds and other friends! And welcome to your Southwest Florida Winter Fishing Guide. You missed another warm summer, but the fishing is still hot! If you are ready to book your inshore fishing trip just give me a call at (941) 375-8323 at home or (941) 587-8969 on my cell.

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If you can’t swing the cost of a trip right away, don’t sweat it. Here are some tips to help you out until your pockets are full again. When they are, hire a guide, preferably me… My kids won’t stop eating.

The first rule of the winter fisherman should be, go light! The fish can be finicky in the winter. As the temperatures drop their metabolism slows, requiring smaller meals. Small bait fish and shrimp imitators are good go-to choices. Using light line and a light fluorocarbon leader (no heavier than 25 or 30) the baits should be worked very slowly with minimal erratic movements. Live shrimp rigged through the horn on a #1 or a 1/0 are very effective baits when properly presented. A small torpedo float will keep them from digging into the substrate. Rig the cork so the shrimp is about foot above the bottom.

The coastal creeks and estuaries are great places to look for fish, especially on the outgoing tide.

Southwest Florida Winter Fishing

Target the muddy sunlit banks, deeper swashes and channels.

Bluebird skies are a delight for the Chamber of Commerce, but they usually fall on the heels of a cold front. Cold fronts mean high pressure, high pressure means lock jaw to fish.  The cold weather that comes with those fronts is also detrimental to the bite. The best thing to do is wait. Wait until the sun has had a chance to warm the mud, sand and grass. I find they don’t bite well when it’s cold until after noon, so I start later in the winter. When sight fishing in the winter I like to target the shallow areas with dark bottoms, be they mud, dirt or grass.. Sometimes an area sheltered from the bitter North winds can also produce fish.

Whatever you do stay warm. Wear layers and always wash the sunscreen off of your palms and finger pads.

If you are ready to take the next step to heat up your Florida winter time with some hot fishing opportunities, give me a call at (941) 375-8323 or (941)587-8969 or shoot me an email. I am ready to give you the fishing experience of a lifetime.

Don’t forget our US military and LEO discount of $50.00!! That includes Fire Fighters and Paramedics.


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