Fly Fishing and Sight Fishing


Fly fishing and sight fishing are absolutely my favorite types of fishing. Whether it’s done with a spinning rod (my preference) or a fly rod, there’s nothing like seeing that fish, making the presentation and hopefully soliciting the bite. It’s like being one with the universe or some such nonsense… It has to be experienced to be understood. Words fall short in terms of descriptive force.

My 18′ Hell’s Bay Waterman is tailor made for sight fishing in extremely shallow water with virtually no noise  (hull slap). I like to tell people it will float in a puddle of drool. The push pole makes for an even softer approach. It can’t be beaten as far as stealth goes.

Being poled around is  like hunting with a fishing rod from a moving platform. Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, you name it. If we can see it and it’s a fish, we can pitch a lure at it.

cruising snook

Stalking your prey has never been easier or more fun and the limitations don’t end with fishing. One late-spring morning  I poled up on a large wild hog feeding along the mangroves of the Miakka River.(sic) I got so close to this hog I could have touched it with my 21′ push pole, so close I could smell it. I’ll tell you what, hogs can jump! That sucker must have gone three feet straight up in the air when I slapped that pole in the water at it’s feet.

But I digress…


Bring your long wands (guide speak for fly rods) wave them at big snook and redfish. Bring your favorite spinning stick or bait caster. Be happy. Luxuriate in the beauty that Florida has to offer.  I’ll handle the rest.

I also do night time fly fishing excursions under the dock lights and bridges. Talk about sensory overload, night fishing for snook is a blast. The biggest snook come out after the sun goes down.

Google “snook alley”