Night Fishing

Keeping Your Cool


Keeping your cool is sometimes difficult to do here in tropical SW Florida. Knowing how to beat the heat is crucial to being comfortable. And I’m not talking about wardrobe choices or portable air conditioners… Night fishing, an evening in the dark, that’s how you do it.

A few of our most most noteworthy fish are most active during the crepuscular hours. Snook and tarpon are famous for their nocturnal habits and are more eager to bite at night. The darkness and quiet of the night help lower their defenses, making them prime targets for those looking to beat the heat. The overhead lights from the many bridges and countless docks provide shadow lines that snook and tarpon use like freeways to ambush their prey. The lights also help draw or concentrate the snook and tarpon into vast schools. More fish gathered together means more competition and a stronger urge to bite.

snook under the lights

Vacation days are made up of  hours. Why not use as many as possible, extract the maximum amount of fun from your day? Here’s my recipe.


Sleep late, play golf, swim, shop, go eat dinner, see a show or visit one of our many hot spots, then show up at the dock. I’ll pick you up and show you the EXCITING and watery world that’s awake while the rest of the world is asleep. I’ll put you and your guests on the fish in the dark. You’ll stay cooler, your skin will last longer and your doctor will say you are wise. Also, It’s simply beautiful at night.