Inshore Fishing Information Guide

Inshore Fishing Information Guide

 Inshore Fishing Information Guide

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Welcome to our inshore fishing information guide. A simple section that explains a few differences between inshore and offshore fishing.

The key differences between inshore and offshore fishing are the types of fish you will be catching, and how you will be catching them. The fish we catch inshore are strong and tenacious like snook, jacks, or redfish. Inshore species, on average, tend to be smaller than offshore fish, and do not require the heavy gear normally associated with offshore fishing. We usually fish with medium to heavy, fast action rods in the 10 -25 lb class.  A typical day may involve sight fishing with small lures or live bait along a grass flat or mangrove shoreline.


Or it may be as simple as anchoring with a well full of pilchards (whitebait) to chum up some snook or redfish.



Obviously we employ larger gear for the tarpon and big snook, but typically we use gear that is light enough to be comfortable yet strong enough to turn a fish’s head.  Sometimes you’ve got to put the heat on ’em.


The other differences are the boating conditions. Waters are typically shallower and calmer inshore, less prone to the rolling and pitching found offshore. I avoid areas plagued by heavy boating traffic whenever possible, but that’s nearly impossible on the weekend. Keep that in mind when choosing a date.

Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below, along with more inshore fishing information about where we fish, and what you need to bring.

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