Your Captain: Captain Joe Johnson


Greetings, me hearties!! I’m Captain Joe Johnson

Captain Joe Johnson Inshore Fishing Guide

Your native inshore fishing guide. Ranging from Boca Grande to the Sunshine Skyway, I get around a bit.


I can pole you along mangrove shorelines and over beautiful grass flats


for snook, tarpon, or redfish, or I can anchor down in a fishy spot for a mixed bag using live bait. My ultimate goal is to treat each fishing guest like family and ensure a good time.

I was born in south Florida, started fishing at 8. Caught my first snook at 10 with a sand flea on a Marco Island beach. Been a snook addict since then. I’ve been actively guiding since 2000. I have fun with it, but I am serious about fishing. I strive to provide that “experience of a lifetime” to all of my customers. I respect the hard earned dollars that are spent with me. Especially these last five years…

I have a couple of boats and a small fleet of kayaks. The big boat is a Gause Built 23′.
It’s perfect for larger groups, folks who may need some shade, or those who have difficulty maintaining balance on a small skiff. There are plenty of seats. I can even drop a wheelchair in the back for Wounded Warriors or anyone else wanting to go fishing. Just ask, I’ll get you out there.

The smaller skiff is a Hell’s Bay Waterman. My personal favorite. Like the Enterprise, she boldly goes where no man has gone before. It’s a poling skiff designed from the ground up around and for sight fishing. With her slight draft, silence, and easy maneuverability, she is the perfect poling skiff. I can put you so close to some fish that you can literally poke them with your rod.

Obviously the kayaks are just plastic, but they are Native kayaks. They are really hard to roll. In fact I regularly stand up to fish from mine. I live on a beautiful and scenic saltwater creek with otters, gators, birds, native orchids and the like. I also have a trailer, so they can be dragged anywhere your heart desires. I do full and half day fishing charters running either 4 or 6 hours. Call for pricing and availability. Capt. Joe (941) 375-8323 Sightseeing and sunset cruises are limited to four hours. They are also cheaper than a fishing trip, but you don’t get to fish. However, I always bring a rod along because I have been out without one and that’s usually when you see something you want to catch or something that wants to be caught. That’s a terrible feeling. Needing one and not having it…

I can do custom work too. Just ask. Want to scatter your loved one’s ashes in privacy and respect, I’m your man. Want to set up a beach or island party? I can do that too. I have a party shade, and I can Q it up. You pay for the food.

I DO allow alcohol on my vessels, but none of that other stuff. I don’t abide drunkenness on my boats because of the liability issues. So, if your plan is to get loaded and enjoy a day of fishing, please call someone else. I love ya, but you can’t do it on my boat.

I hope I covered it all. I do clean your fish if you want to keep a few, but I encourage catch and release. I’m not a fish hugger by any means, I love a good fish dinner, but having been at this for a while I have noticed a decline in the number of “keeper” fish.

I’m not a meat fisherman and I don’t fill coolers.

Alright, Folks, there you have it. Much shorter than the healthcare law, huh? No hidden surprises either!

God bless you, and thanks for lookin’.                                                                                                                                                                                         Captain Joseph Johnson